Untitled (Give Me Jesus)

by Jordan Putt

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Written between Winter 2015 and Spring 2016. The suicide metaphor is the daily death of my old self.


In the morning when I rise
Get out of bed and rub my eyes
And wonder how I'm going to make it through the day

Because the weeks go by like seconds
but the days go by like months,
before I get a chance to breathe,
a new one has begun.

Chorus: Won't you soothe my troubled mind
So I can get some rest?
Cause I've given up pretending I'm the one who knows best
And you said, "come to me with your burdens, if you're weary I will love you"
And it's been weighing on my mind, it's been weighing on my mind.

Just about the break of day
I've got nothing more to say
Because the lies I tell myself are wearing thin

Because I'm nothing if not selfish
And I show no restraint
Because I know I'm chief of sinners but I call myself a saint

Dark midnight was my cry
I'm feeling empty, don't know why.
Won't you protect me from the things I think I need?

Because I'm just trying to make it through
With my sanity intact
Cause I've got front row tickets but it feels like I'm sitting in the back

Oh, and when I come to die,
Don't be sorry, please don't cry
Because I've killed myself a thousand times before

To be reborn a better man
I will die by my own hand
And I will crucify my mind to be at peace


released March 5, 2016
Jordan Putt - Guitar, Bass, Synth, Vocals




Jordan Putt Collegedale, Tennessee

I believe in being honest to God

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